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Scott Hanselman talks with Kirill Gavrylyuk about the new Azure App Service Mobile Apps service.  He'll cover how Mobile Services can be used to build mobile apps for employees, partners, and customers on any device and / or extend existing web apps with mobile capabilities.






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    What's the story for moving existing Azure Mobile Services to Mobile App + API App model?

     ZUMO doesn't even show in the Azure Preview Portal? 

    My understanding is Mobile App is formerly Mobile Services (ZUMO) - yet ZUMO also includes APIs so what does that mean for how ZUMO of old relates to API Apps of new.

    Wouldn't it be more accurate to consider App Services as a new improved modularized version of Azure Mobile Services.

    Hoping there are forthcoming docs to explain the terminology and implications for existing ZUMOs.

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    Exactly the same question as Josh. How can we transfer our existing investments to the new structure?

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    I found this:

    Basically, my take:

    Web Apps  = Web Sites (just a name change)

    Mobile App = new type of app (supposedly same as mobile services but better)

    API App = new type of app in App Services

    Mobile Services will continue to be supported as standalone service.

    I've always thought Azure Mobile Services should not have been called 'mobile' it's an integration of a few Azure Services (Web, SQL, Notification, API, Auth) in the portal which created a nice cloud API backend over data - irrespective of form factor / device.

    I see App Services as an improvement of that same concept (minus the 'mobile' name) plus the metadata which exposes these parts in a gallery format.

    The trouble with the transition will be the messaging that's saying Mobile App = new Mobile Services.  I see it more like App Services = new Mobile Services.

    We'll see.




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    @Josh, @Djon,

    Your observations about our motivation to introduce App Service are right on.

    We have no plans to retire Mobile Services at this time.

    However we do expect folks will move to App Service over time, to gain from additional functionality / unification.

    At this time, only App Service has only .NET server side SDK. There are two ways to migrate:

    1) You can move your .NET mobile service to App Service w/o any changes by creating a Mobile App or Web App and just republishing the project

    2) To take full advantage of the App Service functionality like federated auth and SaaS connectors, etc, follow this article to migrate your mobile service:


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    @Kirill, looks very interesting. What's the migration plan if I'm running a node.js API backend on existing Mobile Services?

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    @Joel, the plan is to roll out equivalent Node.js support in Azure Mobile Apps. At that point migration will be seamless if you just want to roll over as-is + few tweaks if you want to take advantage of App Service functionality like federated auth, SaaS APIs etc.

    Stay tuned. In the meantime, we encourage our Node.js customers to continue using Mobile Services.

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    @Kirill, sounds good. Thanks for the quick reply.

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    @Krill nice demo. I have used more the "Web Site" type of project for web sites and REST APIs, but this new "Web App" unified package sounds very good.

    Do you have the code samples of your project somewhere available for download? (github, codeplex, ...)

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    Anthony Rogan

    Pity the video doesn't have captions for the hearing-impaired (software developers like me included).

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    Where does that SalesForceClient come from?

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    Tommy Baggett

    You demonstrated the account login being handled within a Xamarin.Forms shared PCL project in this video. However, I don't see a "UIContext" property in the currently available Xamarin.Forms.Application class.

    Is this capability using an unreleased version of your Xamarin Mobile Services component or Xamarin.Forms? If so, can you say when we can expect to see this capability made publicly available? Otherwise, can you share the custom code somewhere so I don't need to recreate it? Thanks!

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    Tommy Baggett

    For anyone else that is interested, I found the source code being demonstrated in this video at While it may be an older version of the project or possibly the project that this demo was based on, it does contain the cross-platform authorization code as seen in the "JobService.cs" file in the video.

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    I've created a new Mobile App and downloaded the C# app.
    First off all when I build it, it takes forever. After 3-5 minutes it still downloads the NuGet packages. I stopped it and restore them from command line and I can build the solution.
    Now when I run the Window 8 app targeting the local API it works. But when I uncomment the code to target Azure API it doesn't work. This is the error message: "The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.".

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    Great stuff. Thank you.

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    @Ruslan: I had similar problem. I went to "" and hit "Try it now", then try POST/GET actions, these will create tables in SQL db. It will ask password,  the password is "application key" which could be found in Azure portal under settings. It doesn't work regenerate key, restart mobile app code and don't forget to type new application key in Xcode. hopefully it will help.

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