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    Colbert Philippe

    I am surprised that these questions were not asked!

    *** What is the difference between Azure Automation and Azure Resource Manager? The main difference I can see is that automation is running inside Azure and resource manager is running from the client PC, but I am just a Channel9 watcher.

    *** Are Azure Automation and Azure Resource Manager well integrated yet?

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    Hi Colbert,

    Azure Automation is used to orchestrate multi-step processes that span systems, tools, and services across management scenarios. Azure Resource Manager (ARM) is specifically for deployment and configuration of Azure services. It is a "desired state" tool ("make it like this"), similar to PowerShell Desired State Configuration (PS DSC), except that it operates at the cloud resource level while PS DSC operates on the in-VM level.

    While Azure Automation doesn't use ARM or PS DSC under the hood, ARM and PS DSC are just two of the many tools Azure Automation can orchestrate to help you accomplish your processes.

    Example uses of Azure Automation:

      • Deployment & Configuration
        • Cloud Resource (including VM) Deployment / configuration
          • Azure Automation orchestrates Azure Resource Manager
        • In-VM configuration
          • Azure Automation orchestrates PS DSC
        • Backup
        • Disaster Recovery
        • Monitoring
        • Purging
        • Update
        • Etc other management tasks

    Azure Resource Manager does not ship out of the box for use in Azure Automation, but its PowerShell module can be imported into Azure Automation to allow you to orchestrate it from your runbooks. We'll have a blog post on that soon.

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