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Azure Batch Rendering Service

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Dave Fellows joins Donovan Brown to chat about a new service called Azure Batch Rendering, which is built on the Azure Batch service to provide capabilities for rendering 3D graphics for film and other visual media projects. The service provides pay-per-use licensing of the commercial applications commonly used in this field.  

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The Discussion

  • User profile image
    Shailesh Vaja

    Hi C9

    I am trying to test this with 3ds max and vray but i am getting error as below.

    Access is Forbidden Reason: Property applicationLicenses with value vray is not enabled for current account

    Can you please assist how we can enable vray ?

    Shailesh vaja

  • User profile image
    Dave Fellows

    Hi Shailesh,

    V-Ray is still in private preview at the moment so we need to whitelist your batch account. Can you send your Batch account name (the full URL inc. region) to and we'll get that underway?


  • User profile image
    Shailesh Vaja

    Hi Dave,

    I have sent the requested details on your email address.

    Shailesh V

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