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Azure Cosmos DB Free Tier and Autopilot

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The Discussion

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    I'm very happy with these news!!
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    is free tier available in Canada?
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    I would love to have the ability to share throughput for the whole Cosmos DB account.
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    Greeting from Ukraine to Kirill! I'm so happy to hear Cosmos now has free tier! There is one more reason to use Cosmos over Mongo: we have a EF provider for Cosmos, which means we can cleanly separate business logic from data access with using DDD practices. As Mongo has no EF provider (as far as I'm aware), it's use requires sprinkling the code with document manipulation logic. Main advantage of Mongo was ability to use it for free, which is now beaten with the free tier.
    The only drawback of Cosmos left is that it's not possible to do on-premises simple deployment (not counting the emulator). I know that implementing Cosmos version for on-premises is hardly possible, but you could consider implementing something opposite to Mongo-to-Cosmos API, so an application which uses Cosmos API could use local Mongo DB under the covers.

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