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Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 overview

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James Baker joins Lara Rubbelke to introduce Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, which is redefining cloud storage for big data analytics due to multi-modal (object store and file system) access and combining the best qualities of a dedicated analytics file system with those of a cloud-scale object store.

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The Discussion

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    Joel Mamedov

    I like the content but, not so much delivery. This guy is too casual for internet scale presentation.

    I cannot hear him well even though my speakers are maxed out. His phrases fade out at the end. Too casual.
    I suppose the outfit must match the presentation.

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    Hi Joel - I'm sorry you're not happy with the informality of Azure Friday. The format of the show is an engineer to engineer conversation, so we don't script the show and guest performance varies as people do. If you're having difficulty with sound level (not able to repro here) you can turn on captions, which also make the content accessible for many languages.
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    cmon guys, he is an Aussie, doesnt get more formal

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