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Amber Bhargava joins Scott Hanselman to discuss the new Azure free account. The new Azure free account provides Azure customers US $200 credit for first 30 days to experiment with a combination of services. Now it also includes 12-months of popular free services and 25+ always free services to learn and explore Azure further.

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The Discussion

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    No Credit Card

    still requires credit card :-(

    can you guys use other identity verification apart from credit card?
    i want to try azure but reluctant to supply credit card info

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    Hubert Graham

    I had signed up for an Azure account prior, however i didnt really use the service then. Now that I am serious about trying it out, am I still eligible for the free account?

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    @No Credit Card: Unfortunately, we don't support other forms of identity at the moment. However, we use credit card only to verify your identity and don't charge your credit card unless you convert to a PAYG subscription. 

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    @Hubert Graham: Azure free account is only for new Azure customers. However, we do have 25+ Always free services that are available to all Azure customers.  

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    Bummer :( Still requires a credit card.

    I think you guys have got this wrong. I (as a developer who just wants to learn/evaluate Azure) am never going to pay for the paid services out of my credit card when I choose to use it -- my employer is.

    This will keep a lot of developers from trying Azure. Is a mobile phone number not enough to validate identity?

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    @amberb Can you guys assure that I won't be charged until I explicitly give permission? Because right now I clicked on the Azure shell after signing up an got a scary message saying "This will create a new storage account for you and this will incur a small monthly cost."

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    @DevInfamous - You card cannot be charged in the first 30 days after you sign up for a free account. Any charges in that first 30 days are deducted from the $200 credit. After 30 days, you will have to upgrade your account to a pay-as-you-go account to remove the $0 spending limit before anything will charge to your card. See Azure Free Account FAQ

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    Stephen Wesche

    If you are worried about this charging you look into I use them for stuff like this on a regular basis. They allow you to create credit cards with whatever limit you want.

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    I didn't find KeyVault Storage in any of the free services (1 year or always free).

    It that expected or is it hidden under some other feature?

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    Key Vault Storage is a paid offering. You can get more information about pricing on the Key Vault pricing page

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    I keep getting charged for the so-called free services even though I create them from the Free Services part of the portal. The account is less than 12 months old and having to create a ticket to get refunded is tiresome.

    I gave up on your (not-so-)free services.

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