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In this episode of Azure Friday, Olivier Martin joins Scott Hanselman for the second of a two-part series on hybrid networking in Azure, which is key to connecting existing customer infrastructure into an Azure Virtual Network (vNet). In this episode, Olivier explains ExpressRoute peerings and describes the process for getting an ExpressRoute circuit to work for you.

For more information, see: 

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Part One: Azure Hybrid Networking 101.





The Discussion

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    Anthony K

    It's a shame that this video is hampered by showing a static diagram while the presenter is talking and most likely pointing to different sections of the diagram which I'm missing out on as a viewer and makes the video sort of useless.

    Why not get a whiteboard that the presenter can interact with and make those interactions visible to the viewer!

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    Actually, I thought of a better model - instead of a whiteboard, use the green background like the weather presenters use - this would make it so much more engaging as the viewer can then see exactly what the presenter is talking about instead of seeing a static image and not knowing which section the presenter is talking to!

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