Azure Identity 102 - Vittorio creates a Windows Azure Active Directory in Azure

Play Azure Identity 102 - Vittorio creates a Windows Azure Active Directory in Azure


We create a Windows Azure Active Directory in Azure and talk about our options for populating it and synchronization.



The Discussion

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    Reid Peryam

    Good introductions. I hope the subsequent videos cover the following:

    - integration of custom domain into AAD
    - syncing on-premise AD to AAD
    - example web app leveraging AAD SSO
    - pruning/filtering AAD users (as a subset of total on-premise users)

    understanding/using AAD is challenging among the scattered documentation and myriad of use cases. Thank you for the effort to simplify use case conceptualization.

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    Mike Bateman

    Is there a way new users can register from a application?

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    @Reid thanks for the suggestion! For the web app SSO the subsequent videos in the series should have covered it. For the other ones: we are revamping our docs, those should be refreshed soon. If you want to give more details about what parts you found hard to work with, please drop me a line at - thanks!

    @Mike: it depends by the specific scenario you are thinking about. Is it a new user as "a user that does not exist in AD"? Or is it a user in AD that never accessed the application before? If you have a more detailed description feel free to use the link above to send it over. thanks!

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