Azure Identity 104 - Vittorio talks about the Windows Azure Active Directory endpoints and why they matter

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Vittorio talks about the Windows Azure Active Directory endpoints and why they matter. We also make an interesting mistake and learn more about the system in the process!



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The Discussion

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    How Timely.

    I too am Scottish and was having the same error yesterday. Now I can just set up a new database and keep going. Really interested in more on WAAD and ASP as we are moving more apps in to this methodology this year.

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    Nikhil Pratap

    Hi Vittorio,

    In visual studio 2012 we can add single sign-on to a existing application using "Identity and Access" widget. Is there any similar widget where we can add single-sign-on for an existing web application from visual studio 2013?


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    @chicagorok Awesome! Let us know if AAD works for you :)

    @Nikhil, hi! VS2013 does not currently have the ability of configuring an existing web project to use AAD. The feature is in the backlog tho! :)

    Thanks ,


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    Michel Liesmons

    Real nice, only struggling a lot configuring my O365 AD using Azure Management Portal. Also PS scripts do not suffice. When will we have a portal to configure any WAAD centrally?

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    Thomas Barrett

    I created two websites

    Site 1
    Site 2
    I would like to do single sign on so I go to SITE 1 sign in with azure ad. Then go to SITE 2 and since i was already signed in using SITE 1 I would be already logged in and it would just redirect me back to the site. Right now it makes me sign in both times? Is this what should be done?

    Tom B

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