Azure Media Indexer automatically creates transcripts for your media - with Adarsh Solanki

Play Azure Media Indexer automatically creates transcripts for your media - with Adarsh Solanki

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    I wonder why captions aren't added to this video!  I'm deaf and would like to know about this Azure Media Indexer so I can help others caption videos more.  Please do this soon!

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    Helen MacKay

    Please would you add closed captioning to this video. Don't need to tell you how great they are :) Thanks from New Zealand.

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    Will this Service be available in other languages as well? German for example?

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    @SilentRage:I am noting the irony of this omission!  We are working with the Channel 9 team to caption the entire library of videos with Azure Media Indexer.

    For now, however, I have run Azure Media Indexer on this video, and am working to add the captions to this video as a one-off based on your request.  Hopefully this can alleviate some of your rage  :D


    @Ralf:Yes, as of right now we have Spanish and English generally available.  Chinese is the next language we are targeting, and German is on our short list for this coming year.  If you'd like to keep track of the release of new languages and features for Azure Media Indexer, I recommend you follow the Media Services section of the Azure Blog.  


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    Can the Video Portal in SharePoint Online (O365) use the Azure Media Indexing services to transcribe the audio from uploaded files?

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