Azure PowerShell 101 - Managing (and debugging) Azure WebSites

Play Azure PowerShell 101 - Managing (and debugging) Azure WebSites


In this special episode of Azure Friday, a demo goes bad and WE KEEP ROLLING. We want you to learn as we learn. When a deployment fails, Scott and Guang step out of the demo and do some debugging and learn interesting things about Azure, Azure Websites, Git, and PowerShell.

Also, much respect and a big shout out to Guang Yang who was a great sport for letting us share this teachable moment for us all!


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The Discussion

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    EXCELLENT video, thank you both!   Real world debug, troubleshooting, repeat test cases, and peer programming, all practical learning.   I would UP vote this above a "clean" demo any day of the week.

     "A sailor who hasn't run aground hasn't sailed much."   :D


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