Azure PowerShell 101 - Managing the Cloud from the Command Line

Play Azure PowerShell 101 - Managing the Cloud from the Command Line


In this video, Scott learns from Guang Yang about how to manage Azure from the PowerShell command line! We learn how to manage multiple accounts and subscriptions, and access any Azure resource.


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The Discussion

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    Thomas Lee

    Great session.

    One small point - the Azure PowerShell module on Github has moved from what was in the video. You can now find it at:

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    Can we please have "Episode 1 of 3" tags for the mini-series.

    Different Channel 9 views scramble the order of the videos and I'm often left wondering did i catch them all. So for instance I'm only "assuming" there are 3 videos with Scott and Guang on Powershell and Azure but I don't actually know, as in, "for sure".

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