Azure Redis Cache 102 - Application Patterns

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Scott talks with Saurabh Pant about the new Azure Managed Redis Cache. In this episode Scott learns about generalized application patterns for Redis. What kinds of problems does Redis solve well? How should queries and caches be structured?





The Discussion

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    stupid question. If it is to store small static data, why not store them in the RAM of the azure website? That's even faster and cheaper.

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    @Charles: It won't scale though. If the site or cloud service scales out to, say, 15 instances and all this state is in RAM then it would require that users return to the same server each time. If that instance goes down, all its state goes down with it; hence the need for a cache

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    Andrew Herrick

    Hey cool guys great cast.

    Is the code available as stated in the video? I'm curious to see how the type ahead is working in conjunction with Redis and the DB.

    Most examples I've seen just try and look up the object based on key in Redis, otherwise hit the DB and fill Redis.

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    I wish you could post the code, as promised.

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    Greate post,

    but where is the source code as you mentioned?

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