Azure Service Bus 101 with Dan Rosanova

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Dan Rosanova talks about Azure Service Bus. He explains Topics, Queues and Relays. Then, Dan builds a simple app in Python that talks to Azure Service Bus.

Areas covered in this video:

  •  Creating a new namespace.
  •  Creating and running a new Python application in Visual Studio.
  •  Viewing the output message in Azure.

Useful topics and links:




The Discussion

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    Good start.  Is there any roadmap for Service Bus on Windows Server?  Unfortunately, the industry we are developing for does not always have internet access, so using an on premise service bus would be the best bet.  I have installed and played around with Service Bus for Windows Server 1.1, but it does lack some of the features in Azure Service Bus.  Will the on premise version be maintained and updated in the future?  Relays would be really nice to have, as well as the new Event Hub.

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    Great video.
    Any new protocols on the roadmap?

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