Azure Service Fabric 101 - Introduction

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    What are the implications for security (isn't the attack surface tremendously increased) & portability to other cloud providers?

    At what size (& for which metrics) does it make sense to go from a container approach to a microservice approach?

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    Service fabric is going to rock!  the azure scenario is great of course but what's really exciting to me is the private cloud and also mixed cloud scenarios. if they deliver on what they initially promised you could have a single azure fabric consisting of an azure vm, a local vm and an aws vm, since service fabric is just something you install on a windows machine.

    I really hope we'll hear more about service fabric soon, in server 2016 TP3 there is a mysterious "Service fabric" role for example. as i sometimes put my devops hat on i'm really curious about how you run these things yourself :)

    Comparing to containers, i think they could be combined actually, you can probably run a service fabric node inside a container if you'd like, if for example the app isn't trusted. What service fabric gives you though is that automatic deployment, load balancing and failover, so its more high level than a straight up container


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    good high-level, concepts talk; the "cattle-not-pets", "remove the administrivia", "no-crap button" are expressions to live by.

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