Azure Service Fabric 102 - Reliable Services

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    Good content... a couple of things that come to my mind are how to handle the more complex scenarios.  For example, can you handle incoming web requests with service fabric - including port sharing across services?  Also how are I/O resources handled  - a Service Bus Relay (or DB connection) for example.   Can one open connection be shared by multiple instances of a reliable service? 

    How would you architect a scenario where you have an incoming web request that requires access to a Service Bus Relay and uses this relay to get the information (from a remote server) to return as the response to the web request. 

    Is there a future Azure Friday session (say Azure Service Fabric 103) or BUILD session that will address some of these questions?

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    WOW! this is all great news; now, we can begin to write programs that truly can do Massively Parallel computing and address things like implementing Ontology Reasoners (very stateful (huge) computing) and Hi-performance Reactive Services. A long time ago in my university days we theorized building things like Reliable, Massively Parallel TSR like programs. Very exciting stuff.

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    When will the Azure and multi machine on premise environment be available?  Even in early preview versions?

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