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Scott learns from Neil Gat about Azure VM Scale Sets. VM Scale Sets are an Azure Compute resource you can use to deploy and manage a collection of virtual machines as a set. Scale sets are well suited for building large-scale services targeting big compute, big data, and containerized workloads – all of which are increasing in significance as cloud computing continues to evolve.





The Discussion

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    Trying to figure out what is the point of scale set unless you want your have bunch of empty servers with nothing installed/configured on them. 

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    You can configure your servers via custom images or extensions :).

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    In the video was mentioned that VM Scale Sets are in Public Preview, which I think is wrong. VM Scale set are GA. I also don't see related feature here -

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    The two app/code deployment methods here are using the JSON templates to script application installs or using virtual machine templates with everything pre-installed.  What I'd really like to see is some of the Site Recovery technology used that allows you to modify a base image in real time that will then be deployed to all of the other scale sets.  That would put Azure miles ahead of AWS with traditional infrastructure organizations who don't have a staff of brilliant scripters keeping them on the bleeding edge of technology.

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    Very interesting. Looking forward for the scaling out video.

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    I am using Redhat VM with Azure, now i want to implement Auto-Scale policy on it so that if any hike comes then the VM can be added automatically and if hike down then removed extra VM.

    Please help me how can we do it.




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    Ashok Kumar

    Azure Team,

    Can anyone help me on it?

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    Chandan Verma

    Do we have a video on how to upgrade scale set?

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