Azure Web Apps introduces Local Cache

Play Azure Web Apps introduces Local Cache


Scott talks to Azure Developer Aarthi Saravanakumar about the new Azure Web Apps Local Cache feature! How does local cache work and how does it change the behavior of your Web Apps and how they load, run, and write to disk?





The Discussion

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    this feature is really usefull and greatly reduced ou applicaiton restart because of latency between the woker vm and the storage, I have a few observations :

    • It's sad you need restart when you deploy, this can have a major impact on production site. Event with staging slot with have a performance hit
    • We are using LogFiles (with log4net) and most of the time we aren't able to find our logs because of slot/local cache.
    • You definitly should had a button or something more friendly for managing this.
    • You should ignore this setting when you swap (there is a warning "this setting is only set on the production slot")
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    Aarthi: When do you think you will have a working file disc share working with the Wordpress scenario you mentioned?

    Scott: Whats that app you keep fiddling with?

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    Doesn't work with App Service Environments though

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    Aarthi ​Saravanakum​ar

    remibourgare​l - Thanks for your feedback!
    I hear you about the restart. Is your app startup expensive? is that why you are seeing a perf hit? Regarding logfiles, please send me an email/open a support case and I can look into that for you.

    Magnus- We have some ideas in progress - not too far away.

    CodeRangerDan- A recent development- Local Cache does work with ASEs now!

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    Request for clarification. Is this Local Cache different from the one from
    the Local cache which is part of In-Role cache?
    Reason for the question - seems In-Role cache is set to retire on Nov 30, 2016.

    PS - I tried to put the links of the pages stating above. But blog rejected my comment with the message that it appeared to be spam !

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    Nabil Naim

    A Very informative session, thank you.
    but the English accent very hard to interpret especially for non-native English speaker and listen to it using podcast on the car :-)

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