Azure Web Apps introduces Local Cache

Play Azure Web Apps introduces Local Cache

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    this feature is really usefull and greatly reduced ou applicaiton restart because of latency between the woker vm and the storage, I have a few observations :

    • It's sad you need restart when you deploy, this can have a major impact on production site. Event with staging slot with have a performance hit
    • We are using LogFiles (with log4net) and most of the time we aren't able to find our logs because of slot/local cache.
    • You definitly should had a button or something more friendly for managing this.
    • You should ignore this setting when you swap (there is a warning "this setting is only set on the production slot")
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    Aarthi: When do you think you will have a working file disc share working with the Wordpress scenario you mentioned?

    Scott: Whats that app you keep fiddling with?

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    Doesn't work with App Service Environments though

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    Aarthi ​Saravanakum​ar

    remibourgare​l - Thanks for your feedback!
    I hear you about the restart. Is your app startup expensive? is that why you are seeing a perf hit? Regarding logfiles, please send me an email/open a support case and I can look into that for you.

    Magnus- We have some ideas in progress - not too far away.

    CodeRangerDan- A recent development- Local Cache does work with ASEs now!

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    Request for clarification. Is this Local Cache different from the one from
    the Local cache which is part of In-Role cache?
    Reason for the question - seems In-Role cache is set to retire on Nov 30, 2016.

    PS - I tried to put the links of the pages stating above. But blog rejected my comment with the message that it appeared to be spam !

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    Nabil Naim

    A Very informative session, thank you.
    but the English accent very hard to interpret especially for non-native English speaker and listen to it using podcast on the car :-)

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