Azure WebJobs 102 - Scheduled WebJobs and the WebJobs Dashboard with Jamie Espinosa

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We dive into more complex WebJobs and the WebJobs diagnostics dashboard.



The Discussion

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    Very cool!

    I've setup a separate website just to run a couple of web jobs to do some file processing that occurs on a frequent process during the day -- so I'm not concerned with the jobs affecting website performance because the website is only to serve these jobs.  The jobs process two large files and takes about 6 minutes in total to run (4 minutes for one file and 2 minutes for the other).  The question I have is, at which point is a job too large for "web jobs" and should be moved into something like a worker role? 


    Scott Prokopetz

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    Thanks to Scott for keeping this episode easy to follow ("whoa, whoa... what zip file!") :)

    For developers who want to schedule node.js files, the Mobile Services Scheduler is also still an option (and probably cheaper).


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