Azure Websites Migration Assistant with Apurva Joshi

Play Azure Websites Migration Assistant with Apurva Joshi


Apurva Joshi (AJ) shows Scott how to use the Azure Websites Migration Assistant to migrate an on-premises site to the cloud in just a few clicks.

Areas covered in this video:

  •  Migrating a Website (IIS 6.0, SQL 2005, ASP.NET 2.0) running on Windows Server 2003 to Azure
  •  Accessing the Azure Websites Migration Assistant tool by going to
  •  Understanding the Readiness Report and Readiness Assessment
  •  Completing options and selecting which specific websites to migrate

Useful topics and links:



The Discussion

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    Does this tool have support for moving classic ASP sites with ODBC connections? (I heard references to Java, PHP but not classic ASP)

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    Hooray for even Microsoft employees realizing that how far behind IE fell in relevance to Chrome and installing it even on servers and using it in demos.

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    Apurva Joshi

    Hello alindgren

    Yes, the tool does support classic ASP migration

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