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Azure is the new mainframe

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The Discussion

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    Dev in disbelief

    Thought this was some next level trolling(knowing Scott Hanselman) so I just had to see it...mind blown 0.o

    It's riddled with a lot of bad practices and outright wrong information. It clearly only deals with "amazing payoff" of getting into the cloud for benefits of easier hosting and administration and future welding of Azure goodness onto your beloved monolith; like REST and Java ...yeah banks and fin-tech have been way ahead of you on that one for a decade ;-)
    And private clouds are already in most of these institutions so do they need Azure in reality? Probably not.

    Scott, what happened? Talk to us don't have to do this...

    (Any infuriated readers...just chill and remember to wear your vizors when working on your IBM mainframe)

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    You keep using this word, I don't think you know what it means.

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    Dear "Dev in disbelief",

    It's sound like you have something to heir here, so stop looming and be honest in why you are being negative.

    Speak up and be part of the conversation or loom in the shadows.

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    this looks like sugarcoating.

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    All these years CEO and CIO were always scared to replace the Mainframe thinking the amount of effort required to rearchitecture and move the code to modern language. I remember when we tried to migrate the back office Mainframe of Major Investment bank , It took 3 years to acknowledge the fact that it cannot be done. But Astadia - Azure is killing it. Thanks Steve and Scott. The Interview and presentation was quite informative. I am a Mainframe Expert and a Cloud Enthusiast. High time for me to sharpen my Azure skills to ask for job opportunities at Astadia :)

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