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Build a CI/CD pipeline for API Management, Part 1

Play Build a CI/CD pipeline for API Management, Part 1

The Discussion

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    This is really nice concept and framework - solves issues that are faced commonly.

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    What is CI/CD?
    Too many concepts that are not explained.
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    When we talk about CI/CD, we're really talking about several related processes: Continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment.
    • Continuous integration. Code changes are frequently merged into the main branch. Automated build and test processes ensure that code in the main branch is always production-quality.
    • Continuous delivery. Any code changes that pass the CI process are automatically published to a production-like environment. Deployment into the live production environment may require manual approval, but is otherwise automated. The goal is that your code should always be ready to deploy into production.
    • Continuous deployment. Code changes that pass the previous two steps are automatically deployed into production.
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    You really need to put up some of the terminology on the slides. What is an "ahm" template? "om", "arm", … ???
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    @batpox: ARM template, as in Azure Resource Manager template. For more information, see: Azure Resource Manager templates overview.
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    I would love for you guys to do this using Terraforms. Arm templates are so gross and hard to ask a developer to just "update this api in the 5000 line arm template"

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