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Build a CI/CD pipeline for API Management, Part 2

Play Build a CI/CD pipeline for API Management, Part 2

The Discussion

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    1. whats the best way to replace values as end points will not be same in DEV/TEST/Production.
    2. Does it support different versions for same API ?
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    1. Parameterize those values in the template and replace the value in your CICD pipeline
    2. Yes
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    I'm still missing the way, I can push an Azure function end-point as an API. Isn't using Linked ARM templates against good practice?.
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    I am getting error while deploying the Global APIM Master template with linked Template to API specific master template generated in the api specific sub folder (refer at 3:31 of the demo).
    Getting the below error :-

    "code": "DeploymentActive",
    "message": "Unable to edit or replace deployment 'apisTemplate': previous deployment from '5/21/2020 5:11:02 PM' is still active (expiration time is '5/28/2020 5:10:58 PM'). Please see for usage details."

    Please advise.

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