Build and Deploy Web Apps from Azure CLI 2.0

Play Build and Deploy Web Apps from Azure CLI 2.0
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Aaron Roney joins Scott Hanselman to show off building and deploying a web app to Azure from the command line using Azure CLI 2.0 and Git. Azure CLI 2.0 is the cross-platform command-line tool for managing Azure resources, which is written in Python, updated every two weeks, and is available as open source on GitHub (Azure/azure-cli).





The Discussion

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    Excellent.  Got my attention.  I'll investigate this in more depth.  

    Is this just an alternative to PowerShell?  Is it faster, better, or just a preference of some?

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    @Kinser: Azure CLI 2.0 is comparable to using Azure cmdlets in PowerShell. Use the one that goes best with your choice of command shells, so just preference for the most part.

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