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Debug .NET Apps in Production with the Snapshot Debugger in Application Insights

Play Debug .NET Apps in Production with the Snapshot Debugger in Application Insights
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Dan Taylor joins Scott Hanselman to talk about how the Snapshot Debugger in Application Insights can help you identify the root cause of issues in your production environment without having to repro them locally. Dan shows how by adding the Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.SnapshotCollector NuGet package to your app, you can get view full-process snapshots containing local variables the moment exceptions are thrown in production.

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The Discussion

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    Wonderful. This is really cool feature to debug and fix the issue.

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    Really useful feature. Thank you guys!

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    Could there be adverse security implications of using this feature e.g storing full stack trace in the cloud?

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    @Oren23: great question. There could be potentially PII or sensitive information contained in the Snapshots, so this is something to be aware of if your service handles sensitive information.

    For this reason we encrypt the snapshots both in transit and at rest, and viewing Snapshots is protected by RBAC (role based access control) and audited. The subscription owner must explicitly allow access for users to view snapshots by granting the "Application Insights Snapshot Debugger" role to users.

    Hope that helps answer your question!


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    Excellent ! Thank you :)

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    Really cool feature, thanks for the thorough explanation.

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