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Deploy your Web App in Windows Containers on Azure App Service

Play Deploy your Web App in Windows Containers on Azure App Service

The Discussion

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    GJ! me ha gustado mucho su vídeo.
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    This is going to be extremely useful technology, but it has been in preview for almost a year. Can you please share some information about when you expect to be able to move to GA? I understand you will not be able to give a date, but are we looking at 1 month, 6 months, or another year?
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    We are continuing to invest in the capabilities of Windows Containers on App Service. I don't have a GA date to share at this point. Originally we launched a preview on top of Windows Server 2016 LTSC in the summer of last year and we made a decision just before the turn of the year to expend significant resources on moving to Windows Server 2019 in order to provide a better experience for customers and to remove blockers to enabling key App Service features. In a sense, we re-launched the preview when we announced WS2019 support in April, and are now driving quality, reliability, and enabling the missing features which customers will look for in a new hosting option on App Service.
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    Will there be integration within the container for Azure Premium Files? I'd like to backend my .net/EF/Razor app with Azure Files for the shared storage component. Will this be an option in the Preview?

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    Ben, you can indeed serve content from an Azure File Share - both standard and premium. This feature is in preview along with the Windows Container support. Note this is not supported for code apps on Windows in App Service and also there is no support for Azure Blob Storage with Windows Containers on Azure App Service.

    We are finalizing documentation updates but until that is published you can use this wiki article to achieve your goal - and here is the documentation on creating a Premium Azure Files Share -
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    Thank you for the video. I have a couple of questions:

    1. You mentioned that for deploying (legacy) windows services to azure there are other azure capabilities which fit better than App Service. Could you give more information on that? Currently I'm migrating some windows services to web jobs, but that requires lots of code changes and I'm wondering if its possible to deploy such apps as is (a win service but in a container) in the same manner you did with the app in this video?

    2. While it's clear why to use containers to deploy (full) .net framework apps to an App Service, what motivation is to use containers for .Net Core apps? These apps inherently either can't or avoid using legacy or platform-specific technologies, and the philosophy of .Net Core encourages to write cloud-first code.
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    Can I install custom certificates, not signed by an trusted certificate provider, into the docker container and you that.??

    This is for the Swedish Payment provider Swish

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    Is this already GA'ed? This is exactly the service I was looking for some of my customer applications using Crystal reports which require COM Interop for integration. It will save a lot of effort to move from Crystal Reports. Please confirm,.

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