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    So impressively sad that MSFT continues to endorse and infect its solutions with JSON and JavaScript when there is a whole universe of available coding power in C#/F#/VB.NET in .NET.  While I understand the desire from an Azure perspective to provide an offering that is inclusive to external/open/web-based solutions, this approach is totally counterproductive and confusing to any solution that incorporates a .NET component.  At the very least, it reflects poorly on MSFT from a branding and brand reinforcement perspective.

    Additionally, you would think that after the flaming failure of project.json, where it was horrifically discovered that JSON does not support simple constructs such as comments that more efforts would be made to steer clear of it altogether (or again at least, offer an XML/Xaml/YAML/TOML -- or even INI! -- counterpart).

    Truly maddening (not to mention embarrassing) to watch the incompatible divide between .NET and JS continue to be reinforced by MSFT own internal developers.

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    How to debug the storeproc in document db? 


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    Does a read operation on a document within a stored procedure take a exclusive lock on the data?

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    @vmn: Cosmos DB is optimized for high concurrency and does not perform any locking. Instead, concurrency is controlled optimistically via etag mechanism when committing writes.

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