DocumentDB Support for Aggregates

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In this episode of Azure Friday, Aravind Ramachandran talks with Scott Hanselman about support for aggregate functions at global scale in Azure DocumentDB. Aravind explains how you can perform low latency aggregation queries against large datasets without schema definitions or secondary indexes, and other improvements in the DocumentDB query engine like reduced request units and support for polygon indexing.

For more information, see: SQL query and SQL syntax in DocumentDB - Aggregate Functions.





The Discussion

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    So cool. As the person that submitted the initial request on User Voice, this has exceeded my hopes.

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    I love how far DocumentDB has come. I have a query though about open sourcing it; I keep checking on GitHub and have been seeing the same message for a while now that the code for the SDK is coming. Is there a timeline that we can expect or has the repository been posted elsewhere?

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    Exciting news! This is something I was really waiting for and it is looking well.

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