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Enabling secure remote work using Windows Virtual Desktop

Play Enabling secure remote work using Windows Virtual Desktop

The Discussion

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    All of this looks great but the details were very hard to follow. Admittedly, this is my first introduction to Virtual Desktop so maybe that is why it was very hard to follow. What I had read in the lead up to this video was how secure this was but the video hardly (if at all) touched on that. And, when it came to the cost, I couldn't understand what it was that you had to pay for and certainly there was no mention of magnitude of cost. Also, when you pick a "Host"... there was no explanation of just what a "host" is and how much of your data (if any) is stored on a "host". And, I'm imagining the license agreements I have with my non MIcrosoft providers and wondering how in the heck doing something like this is not a direct violation of those licence terms. In fact, I'm wondering how in the heck it doesn't violate the Microsoft terms. Lastly, I got very confused about the number of people that could connect to a virtual desktop. For goodness sake, the only person that uses my desktop at work is ME (and MS License terms stipulate that it is only me) so when the conversation when to multiple people logging into and using a virtual desktop I just lost it. This part of the presentation seemed like it should have been talking about a virtual server. And, if you virtualize a desktop, and let many concurrent people use the software (like Windows, Excel, Word, etc.) isn't that doing the exact same thing that MS prosecuted numerous companies for doing in the past? These a big deals in my mind and I think that they deserve to be addressed.

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