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Enhanced monitoring capabilities and tags/annotations in Azure Data Factory

Play Enhanced monitoring capabilities and tags/annotations in Azure Data Factory
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Gaurav Malhotra and Scott Hanselman (@shanselman) explore tagging support and enhanced monitoring capabilities, including dashboards and improved debugging support in Azure Data Factory. Data integration is complex and the ability to monitor your data factory pipelines is a key requirement for dev ops personnel inside an enterprise.

Now, you can tag/annotate your data factory pipelines to monitor all the pipeline executions with that particular tag. In addition, Data Factory visual tools provide dashboards to monitor your pipelines and an ability to monitor your pipeline execution by the Integration Runtime (IR) upon which the activities execute.

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The Discussion

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    I'm liking annotations. Turns out they accept dynamic content as well, which is really handy if you are executing pipelines from other pipelines. Would be great if the "Add Dynamic Content" was shown in the UI to make this fact obvious.
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    Gaurav Malhotra

    Currently you cannot parameterize annotations which means you cannot accept dynamic content for them.. Thanks

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