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Enhanced monitoring capabilities and tags/annotations in Azure Data Factory

Play Enhanced monitoring capabilities and tags/annotations in Azure Data Factory

The Discussion

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    I'm liking annotations. Turns out they accept dynamic content as well, which is really handy if you are executing pipelines from other pipelines. Would be great if the "Add Dynamic Content" was shown in the UI to make this fact obvious.
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    Gaurav Malhotra

    Currently you cannot parameterize annotations which means you cannot accept dynamic content for them.. Thanks

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    How do you monitoring multiple data factory at a same time in same dashboard?
    Also how do you monitor pipelines running on linked IR from shared IR dashboard?

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    This should be way more visible. As RichieBzzzt said, it is possible to add dynamic content to Annotations but this is very limited. From my experience it only works on Pipelines and not Datasets & Triggers. You can add an Annotation in the code (the UI has disappeared completely) by changing the Annotations to something like this:
    "annotations": [

    On Datasets & Triggers it will throw an error during execution, validation will not fail.

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