Getting Started with Azure HDInsight with Matt Winkler

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    I liked this episode even though it is slightly mis-named. Scott has a wonderful knack for asking intelligent questions that a beginner might ask.

    I am really just a dummy when it comes to Hadoop.

    So, I would really like to see a real getting started presentation like a step by step.  For example, in this show Matt showed the mapping in VS. Show me how you ran the .visx or whatever to get the SDK installed.  Then show me how you get data into the blob storage so that it was segmented by "folder".  Then what happens when you run that query Matt showed. 

    Or show me how I can get started with a small (cough cough cheap) cluster and put some data into it and query against it.  Tell me what the various tools do and why I would use them.  Why do I need piig or hive or Storm.

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    that's great feedback, we're going to queue up some more episodes and we'll get into that!

    I have good news on the installation, the only thing you need to have is the Azure SDK installed, there isn't anything special beyond that that is required. You can download the VS tools here, pick the right version of VS you'd like to download. 

    If you've got any questions, please feel free to shoot me a note (mwinkle @ microsoft), and we'd like to help out.



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    At 7:27 some tool was used to see the data from "Inside BlobStore"

    Can you please let us know the TOOL name & where to download that from



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