HATEOAS, REST, and Hypermedia Primer with Mat Velloso

Play HATEOAS, REST, and Hypermedia Primer with Mat Velloso

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    Two questions I would like to ask regarding the material covered in this video:

    1. HATEOAS seems interesting, what about how to write clients which are dynamic enough to handle whatever links thrown at them? Wouldn't the author of the client have to know that editing an order is possible, and build UI on top of it? And if the server provides the UI based on the link to the edit action, aren't we just back to server-side rendered HTML?

    2. OData and DTO/ViewModel classes: say I've built my web service in such a way that I don't expose entity objects, instead I'm mapping between entities and DTO/ViewModel classes. What support is there in the framework for web apis which are using that approach?

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    Hi Daniel:


    1-This is really up to the application. But yes, you could go that far. There's a great book that discusses exactly that scenario in details named "Building Hypermedia APIs with HTML5 and Node". I'd suggest taking a look at that.

    2-ASP.Net Web API allows for that and it is not uncommon. In many cases you don't want to expose directly your database objects. You can use libraries such as AutoMapper to do that, more or less like discussed here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14484692/web-api-queryable-how-to-apply-automapper

    Feel free to ping me on @matvelloso


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    Max Simple

    Is there a list of all hanselman's channel9 videos?

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