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Hybrid Storage with Azure File Sync

Play Hybrid Storage with Azure File Sync

The Discussion

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    Good for Basic Program in Personal PC. Bat I need keep a secret page in Personal computer.

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    We are very excited about this announcement as it will allow us to setup a server in Azure, sync files to it using azure file share sync, install myworkdrive software and use it access file shares remotely or during a disaster. We can then access windows file shares over https port 443  from any location worldwide (Azure File Sharing only supports access over smb port 445 which is typically blocked from most remote locations).

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    @wanpath: Wanpath, glad to hear.  Yes, syncing files from/to a VM in Azure to an Azure File share is definitely in scope.   I hadn't heard about myworkdrive prior: am reading up on what they offer.  Thanks for the feedback!

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