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Introducing Flexible Server in Azure Database for PostgreSQL & MySQL

Play Introducing Flexible Server in Azure Database for PostgreSQL & MySQL

The Discussion

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    Wow.. excellent. For myself personally, the MySql flexible server is brilliant.. mostly on the flexible cost front since if I am developing a personal project or a small in-frequently accessed MySql DB's, this will help.

    I might have missed this, but is/will this have the similar functionality as Azure SQL Serverless? i.e. only charge when the DB is actually in operation? I can see the great option to manually stop/start, but any plans to implement the serverless SQL equivalent?

    Great though! yet another excellent Azure Friday :)
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    @Dav_id: From Sunil - “With Flexible Server, you can manually stop the database and only pay for storage provisioned, and not the compute. Azure SQL Serverless indeed provides more capabilities such as auto scale and we will consider this for the future.”

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