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Introducing new Azure API Management capabilities

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The Discussion

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    When will the price be reduced? Its ridiculously expensive compared to other clouds

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    Joey Eng

    @Smythe24 There's a new consumption plan coming out in case you haven't heard of that. It's going to be limited in features though.

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    Venu Gopal Parasaram

    1. Can we integrate this in the Azure-DevOps Project or CI/CD enablement ?

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    @Joey Eng @MiaoJiang Thanks for the info. A consumption plan would make sense for people on a budget. Where can I find more info about it?

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    APIM is a nice product but still no AD integration at Basic or Consumption levels. Think MS are shooting themselves in the foot on that one - AD is a huge motivator for moving to Azure over other platforms for companies that use AD in-house. I'm running IoTHub, 8 Application Servers, 2 Databases, several Logic Apps and other bits and pieces for $30 a day, but MS expect me to pay an additional $26 a day just for APIM (at a level that includes AD integration)?? Not big money for MS to care about I know but its early days and the solution will likely scale up over time as adoption increases. However, now I find myself having to build internal use solutions without APIM which would be nice to have but not essential - because the starting price including AD integration is just too high. I only use APIM for external APIs which will always only be a very small part of our overall solution (probably even free under the Consumption Plan).

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