Introduction to the New Power BI with Amir Netz

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Scott's brain explodes as Amir Netz introduces him to the new Power BI. Think BI is hard and perhaps Power BI isn't for you? Just watch. 



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The Discussion

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    Mark Stalsberg

    Will this or could it ever work with Yammer? It would be so nice to get a BI dashboard for Yammer as a platform and for groups within Yammer. :-)

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    Please ask Amir what he has for breakfast, his enthusiasm is breath-taking.

    Great product too, already started to think of ways to use this. Where do we go to get the heads-up on using this ?

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    Guy Dillen

    Seems a great product. When will this becoma available in non-US countries?

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    how cool is it? it must be very cool....blablabla

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    very cool indeed. and funny.


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    Cav Alier

    Great feature and technical presentation, but you may want to rethink calling the non-technical user a "Nancy" for two reasons:
    1. Specifically relating a non-technical user to a female is offensive.
    2. "Nancy" is an older term for someone who is non-masculine (see #1 above).

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