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Java in App Service on Linux

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Shrirang Shirodkar joins Donovan Brown to discuss what's new in App Service for Java developers. You'll see how Java developers can build web apps for Linux without having to deal with custom Docker containers (i.e., how to use the Tomcat Docker containers provided out of the box). How to use the new deployment mechanism in Kudu - 'wardeploy' (for Linux and Windows both). You'll learn what are the problems with existing deployment mechanisms and how wardeploy solves it.

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The Discussion

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    I noticed the wardeploy wiki page mentions in known issues that deploying to web apps other than ROOT isn't supported yet... but it appears in March 2018 that was implemented (kudu PR #2718).

    In early June 2018 I tried using /api/wardeploy?name=myappname with my Azure app service but it didn't appear to work yet (it deployed to ROOT as before.) When's this wardeploy improvement coming along to Azure? It'd be super helpful in moving an existing WAR to app service with minimal change initially.

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    @waded: The feature is already live for Windows web apps and will be live in a few weeks for web apps running on Linux. If you tried this during early June 2018 and it did not work, that must be a Linux app. If that is not the case, it would be great if you could report it at Thanks!

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    When I'm creating a WebApp and activate Java there are the following "newest" versions: 1.8.0_111 / Zulu-1.8.0_144 for Java. Right now (06/23/2018) the current Version of Java 8 is 1.8.0_171. Between 144 and 171 there have been 2 releases with critival security vulnerabilities. Are those security fixes somehow "backported" to the Azure Java runtime, or is it the original "1.8.0_111 / Zulu-1.8.0_144"?

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    @Wladislaw: We are working on updating the Tomcat and Java versions (Oracle and Azul, both) and they will be available for use shortly. You can subscribe to for all the latest App Service announcements, including updates to the Java versions.

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    Thank you very much for your tips.


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