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Learn all about Distributed Application Runtime (Dapr), Part 1

Play Learn all about Distributed Application Runtime (Dapr), Part 1

The Discussion

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    1. It is not too late to change the name, it always will sound like dapper
    2. Cool but needs more demos and explanations of how does it works under the hood. Especially state management
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    I have no idea what this is about, obviously for developers I think or computer programming maybe.

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    Please or please rename this. I understand the acronym, but Dapper is already in use and it's confusing...
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    I really like the idea of having such framework my only concern and it is a question for the panelists...
    Will Microsoft and the team working on the project for it be committed for it? Can we trust it will last and get mature (production ready) enough?
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    Sig O

    I agree the naming is confusing - I have used Dapper in place of Entity Framework and Dapr really threw me off. I had to do a lot of research to 1) understand if Dapper had rebranded, 2) if this was the same Dapper with a different library for new functionality, 3) if Microsoft owned Dapper, etc., etc., for something that shouldn't need research. If people start to confuse the products, we need Dapr, an architect does a research spike and instead researches Dapper, he may have wasted time in a sprint and may move away from either package to something that's more trivial. You may lose clients to other tools that can reach same results, but uses a different because the product branding didn't cause confusion.

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