Performance Testing Web Applications with Manas Maheshwari

Play Performance Testing Web Applications with Manas Maheshwari


Scott talks to Manas Maheshwari from the Azure team about a great new feature that lets you performance test your Azure Web Application directly from the Azure Portal! From the Tools menu of an Azure Web Application, we're able to launch a performance test and ensure that our Staging Site can keep up with a production load. Later we can swap our staging and production and test again! Be sure to check out the second Performance Testing Azure Friday as we perform a more advanced test from within Visual Studio.





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    Nice Manas! How could I make the same and test the Web Application on my Azure VM?

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    Vishwas Lele

    Re:Scott's point about load testing applications hosted in Azure. Worth mentioning that this service has a feature called Trusted IP that makes it easier to load test internal applications ( i.e. Firewall with whitelisted trusted IPs belonging to load test service)

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