Real World Site debugging using Application Insights on an Azure Website

Play Real World Site debugging using Application Insights on an Azure Website


Scott talks to Rahul Bagaria from the Application Insights team. We'll cause some real errors in an Azure Website and then root-cause the issues by instrumenting the production site with Application Insights!





The Discussion

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    Hi guys, thanks for the demo, what type of instrumentation did you add to the application? Or did you only just add insights and thats it?


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    Aram Koukia

    Thanks Guys very nice intro...
    We just started using this in our latest Azure hosted Web Api.
    I guess we can start retiring the whole EnterpriseLibrary ApplicationDiagnostic block references...
    And we can have a cleaner code, since there are enough traces logged here.

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    How does the data storage side of this work? Does it log to a storage account in my account and then do I setup a retention period inline with my budget? Or is it a package service with a price plan?

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