Rendering 3D Modelled Scenes with Azure Batch with Karan Batta

Play Rendering 3D Modelled Scenes with Azure Batch with Karan Batta

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    Looks amazing! Does anyone know if Azure batch can auto-scale? Can I set up a pool with one machine (or even zero machines) and when I get a job then the pool would start to add machines add needed?

    Also, I'd be curious to know more about the step of combining all the individual frames into a movie. Was that just another task? Was it somehow configured to wait until all the frame-creation tasks were complete?

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    Howard van Rooijen

    Yes - Batch can autoscale (up and down) - if you want to see it scale up - here's a screencast of a scale test experiment we ran, where we spin up 16,000 cores (it's 45 minutes time lapsed to 30 seconds):

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    Osama Khan

    Where can we download this Maya plugin ? Is there any webpage with additional details on this that I can lookup ? I found a blogpost on this for Blender. But some documentation specifically about this plugin would be greatly appreciated.

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    I also cannot find any more information about this plugin or how to set up this batch app in Maya. I'd greatly appreciate any advice!

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    Karan Batta

    Labs - Yes you can get set up a pool dynamically on-demand and also spin it up and keep it running for subsequent jobs. You can also scale it up and down based on different metrics like queue depth etc. Auto-Scale formulas can be applied to the pool to scale dynamically. The movie task was what we called a Merge Task - this gets executed at the end when all the other tasks have completed. This task will also get the other task outputs and make sure they are present before executing the merge.

    Osama Khan - We are currently working on the Maya offering and will have more to share in the next few weeks. You can use Batch to enable Maya yourself however you will need to set up a license server. We will release more details about this particular plugin soon.

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    @Karan Batta: Hi Karan, do you have any update regarding the plugin ?

    Thanks for your support,

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    Hi Farez. Can you get in touch with me directly at so we can discuss your requirements further. 

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    Gabriel Gois de Melo

    Karan Batta, we are considering using this service to render some 3DS max jobs, is there a plugin for as in Maya?

    Best regards,

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