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Rerun activities inside your Azure Data Factory pipelines

Play Rerun activities inside your Azure Data Factory pipelines
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Data integration is complex with many moving parts. It helps organizations to combine data and complex business processes in hybrid data environments. Failures are very common in data integration workflows. This can happen due to data not arriving on time, functional code issues in your pipelines, infrastructure issues, etc.

A common requirement is the ability to rerun failed activities within data integration workflows. In addition, sometimes you need to rerun activities to re-process data due to an error upstream in data processing. Azure Data Factory now enables you to rerun the entire pipeline or choose to rerun downstream from a particular activity inside a pipeline.

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    Hi. I need a small help. I am facing an issue regarding the Azure Data Factory. The scenario- Consider that all the components in the Dev-ADF is moved to UAT-ADF. Now, some more components are added to the Dev-ADF. But now, I want only the new components to move to the UAT-ADF. What can be done to achieve this?

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