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Run Azure Functions from Azure Data Factory pipelines

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The Discussion

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    Leo Scott

    Link don't work
    ie https://azfr/513/01 does not work

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    @Leo Scott: Thanks Leo - all fixed. Error between keyboard and chair.

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    can we run python azure functions in azure data factory? My current function (written in python) does not return any value; it saves the output in datalake (csv file). When I tried to run the function on data factory I got following error: { "errorCode": "3600", "message": "Error calling the endpoint.", "failureType": "UserError", "target": "Azure Functiontest".

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    Same error with javascript function using function key.

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    Same for us. C# function. interesting is that the function actually executes correctly but it still gives an error. Kind of a problem for production environment to determine if it really worked or not.

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    Having exactly same issue. Even by chaing return value to JObject type, still shows incorrect Failed message.

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    Hey guys,

    Sorry to hear that you are facing issues. I will need more information about your Azure Function Apps to investigate and see how I can help you with this. Please reach out to me at and we can look into this further

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    To make our .Net code in Azure Functions work for Azure Data Factory we did need to change the return type of the function. Here is my example for that:
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    Hi guys, in which part of the data factory can you extend the timeout-response feature? My AzureFunctionActivity runs for 3.8 minutes (230 sec) and fails. It shows "Error calling the endpoint", and other functions that are almost the same but shorter, run perfectly.

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