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Serverless automation using PowerShell in Azure Functions

Play Serverless automation using PowerShell in Azure Functions

The Discussion

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    Elliot Munro

    Any chance we could get a copy of the script which posts that card to a Teams channel?

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    Below is the function to send a teams message. The $env:TeamsWebhook is manually generated for an incoming webhook to the Teams channel. You can get it by right clicking -> connectors -> Incoming Webhook from the Teams channel.

    param($Request, $TriggerMetadata)

    # Log body of request
    ConvertTo-Json $Request.Body | Write-Verbose

    # Get Teams channel url from application setting
    $channelURL = $env:TeamsWebhook

    if (!([string]::IsNullOrEmpty($ChannelURL)))
    $TargetURL = $

    $Body = ConvertTo-Json -Depth 4 @{
    title = "Azure Alert has fired"
    text = "Azure Alert has fired"
    sections = @(
    activityTitle = "Azure notification has fired"
    activitySubtitle = "Alert on function app " + $
    activityText = "This is the detail of the alert..."
    activityImage = "https://www.contoso.image.png"
    potentialAction = @(@{
    '@context' = ''
    '@type' = 'ViewAction'
    name = 'Click here to manage Function'
    target = @($TargetURL)

    # call Teams webhook
    Invoke-RestMethod -Method "Post" -Uri $ChannelURL -Body $Body | Write-Verbose
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    Bo Allan

    Do you need to have your Azure Subscription whitelisted for this preview?

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    Is this pitched to ultimately replace Azure Automation in time?

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    Very cool!

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