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Serverless containers with Azure Container Instances (ACI)

Play Serverless containers with Azure Container Instances (ACI)

The Discussion

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    I think you guys are wonderful and enjoy channel 9 immensely. However, it always makes me sad when videos come out and they’re not captioned. Being nearly deaf, the ability to read and follow along, increases my understanding tenfold. Without it... I’m lost.
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    @jametz2:Just watched the video, the caption is available now.
    Never to say, a great demo!!
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    @jametz2: But there are captions. In the video player, look in the lower-right corner for the [CC] icon. Click that and you can choose from 14 different languages. You can even download them from the Download tab. Or you can append #cclang=en to the URL, like this: - where en in this case is English, or say de for Deutsch.
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    How does ACI compare to Google Cloud Run? I would like to work with a docker image like with Azure functions or AWS lambda. With Google Cloud Run I am able to do this...

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    I'm very familiar with containers and Service Fabric. What I still haven't found is a solid decision tree for using ACI deployment of microservices over a service fabric deployment. From the deployment side, they're pretty much just as simple. And I'm not just talking about containers on service fabric, I'm also talking about pushing the service code to service fabric itself. Heck, even that seems not to have an obvious choice. Although I've seen written somewhere the idea that it's somehow better to use containers for microservices, I have not found the reasoning behind that. Maybe worth a segment on Azure Friday, Scott?

    Not looking at AKS level orchestration, either, BTW.
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    Fernando Inchicaqui

    Excellent demo i have been studying azure for the last 3 months and i undestand now the big power of azure tahnk you

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    What does ACI give me over a continuous web job?

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    Short and crisp video on ACI. We are using azure durable functions for long running background process. Probably it's time for me to consider ACI for such scenarios.

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