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Service Fabric Extension for VS Code

Play Service Fabric Extension for VS Code

The Discussion

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    Great job Peter Pogorski, you have a bright future ahead of you.  Thanks you Scott for Azure Fridays.

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    This extension is very disheartening. No disrespect to Mr. Pogorski, it looks like he put in a lot of time and effort on the extension and it certainly appears to be functional, but this is still a major step backwards from the functionality one gets in Visual Studio. It's frustrating that work isn't being put into just improving Visual Studio, instead we get work at Microsoft spread out and very little progress made in numerous areas of development instead of a ton of progress made in just one area: Visual Studio. In Visual Studio, the debugging experience is: hit Play. Here, it's: 1) figure out what your process is going to be named 2) Hit F1 (which was traditionally the HELP! button, thanks for confusing older developers on that one) 3) Find what you suspect to be the process name, in a path syntax for a foreign operating system. 4) Get lucky. This is insanity. I certainly hope people don't consider this to be a better experience than simply hitting a play button in Visual Studio.

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    @alexmarshall132: (MS employee here!) this works on all operating systems, which Visual Studio does not. So the idea that it would (even yet) be as good as Visual Studio is quite strange. I think this is a great bit of work to get that up and running flexibly on any operating system for Service Fabric work. 

    I also think it's wonderful that Scott has a University intern on the show because it doesn't matter who it is when they're showing great stuff. He did far better than I did when I was on the show. :)

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