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Serverless Apps with Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Functions

Play Serverless Apps with Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Functions
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Kirill Gavrylyuk shows Scott Hanselman an easy way to build planet-scale serverless apps in minutes using Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Functions. Customers expect apps to offer event-driven, near real-time experiences. Now you can subscribe to changes in Azure Cosmos DB collections and trigger logic in real time while being globally-distributed, and without deploying or managing any servers.

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The Discussion

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    Recently I've made a solution that its pretty much the same, but I made with another stack. It's incredible to see how easily it would be if I used the azure.

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    Karthick Thoppe

    Thanks for sharing this new feature on CosmosDB.

    I am right in pointing out that:
    in Couchbase this may be possible via the Sync gateway
    in SQL server, its called CDC (Change data capture)

    I understand there are no functions per say but still it is possible depending upon your use case. Thanks.

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    By serverless, how so?

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    Well, that was fun and easy.  Now, to come up with a fun project to utilize this setup.  Thank you Kirill and Scott!

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    The peanut butter and chocolate combo does not scale outside the US, sorry Scott.

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    I can't work out how to use this when developing locally in Visual Studio 2017. Any ideas?

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    Anybody know if this guarantees ordered processing of the incoming change events? If I have five writes to cosmos, and each would trigger a function, will those functions be run on the documents in the order they were written to cosmos?

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    How exactly is this serverless?
    And doesn't this now pull business logic back onto the database?

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    @Karthick Thoppe: Hi Karthick, the new thing here is the trigger for functions. yes there are features similar to  CosmosDB' ChangeFeed in other databases.

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    @Roy, @Joe: Hi Roy, Joe, there are no servers/instances/cores to manage here. You pay for the time your code runs and the throughput you need.

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    Hi @Sean, yes, the processing order is guaranteed within the scope of a partition key (and more precisely a physical partition)

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    Mike Underwoo

    Does change fee guarantee any kind of order? I can see this being extremely useful in event handling to update materialized views, but if you can't get the events out in the same order they came in it could be very limited.

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