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Using Azure Container Registry for building and deploying .NET Core Apps

Play Using Azure Container Registry for building and deploying .NET Core Apps

The Discussion

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    I tried this demo and all executed well except for below last command to run the application.

    $ az container exec --resource-group <> --name <> --exec-command "dotnet run"

    Here an error saying
    "'C:\Program' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file."

    I am wondering about the path ('C:\Program') mentioned in the error even though I connected to my Azure ACR. Any clues?

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    No idea. Did you build a Windows container? Is it possible the local script is picking up something in the filesystem?
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    @JeremyLikness:Linux container only used and my local OS is Windows 10. Container runs directly inside Azure portal on using "Connect" tab of ACI UI. Issue appears on executing docker run command from my local machine.

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